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Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Fantasies, the sequel to Pinball Dreams, is a pinball game initially developed for the Amiga by Digital Illusions in 1992 and later ported to DOS, Playstation and many other platforms. It's the...

Year: 1992 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2016-12-05 Tags: pinball amiga

Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams is a pinball simulation developed by Digital Illusions, the first in the Pinball series, and it was originally released for the Amiga in 1992. It was also ported to PC, Atari ST, SNES,...

Year: 1992 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2017-01-22 Tags: arcade pinball amiga

Pinball Illusions

Pinball Illusions, released in 1995 for Amiga and DOS, is the successor to the Pinball Fantasies and the third game of the Digital Illusions Pinball series.

Year: 1995 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2016-12-07 Tags: arcade pinball