2d Classic Games and Abandonware

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the second game in the famous series of 2d platformers created by SEGA. Released originaly as an arcade in 1986, the game was ported to Master System in 1987 and many other...

Year: 1989 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2017-11-03 Tags: fantasy 2d rpg

Robotron: 2084

Robotron: 2084 (also known as Robotron) is one of the arcades that made the history of video games. Developed by Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar of Vid Kidz and released by Williams Electronics in 1982,...

Year: 1984 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2016-09-13 Tags: arcade shooter 2d sci-fi/futuristic

Prophecy: Viking Child

Prophecy: Viking Child (a.ka. Prophecy I: The Viking Child) is a fantasy platform game developed by Imagitec Design and published by GameTek in 1990 initially for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was ported...

Year: 1991 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2017-09-26 Tags: fantasy 2d mythology