Paddle/pong Classic Games and Abandonware


DX-Ball is a 'breakout' clone, based on the popular Amiga game Megaball, developed for Windows in 1996 by Michael P. Welch.

Year: 1996 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2017-02-13 Tags: arcade paddle/pong breakout freeware clone


Arkanoid is an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986 and one of the most popular videogame ever created. It's inspired to Breakout, a videogame created by Atari in 1970, but it's much richer. It adds...

Year: 1987 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2017-03-22 Tags: arcade paddle/pong

The Incredible Machine 2

The Incredible Machine 2 was created by Jeff Tunnell and released in 1994 for DOS and the following year for Windows and Macintosh. It's the sequel to The Incredible Machine and it adds new levels, new...

Year: 1994 Genre: Puzzler Updated: 2016-12-05 Tags: paddle/pong puzzle-solving

Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH

Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh (the sequel to Arkanoid) is an arcade game released by Taito in 1987 for arcades, then ported to Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum in 1988. The DOS version was released...

Year: 1989 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: arcade paddle/pong