Top-down Classic Games and Abandonware

ATR: All Terrain Racing

ATR: All Terrain Racing is an isometric racing game created by Team17 and published in 1995 for the Amiga and Amiga CD32. With a top down view and small cars, the game is somehow similar to Supercars...

Year: 1995 Genre: Racing Updated: 2017-08-14 Tags: driving sports top-down cars amiga

Kick Off

Kick Off is a football (soccer) game designed by Dino Dini and developed by Anco Software in 1989 for the Amiga, Commodore 64, and several other platforms. This particular football game was the first...

Year: 1989 Genre: Sports Updated: 2017-04-12 Tags: soccer football top-down bird view

Sierra Soccer: World Challenge Edition

Sierra Soccer is a soccer sports game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line UK in 1994 for the Amiga. The game uses a top-down camera view with a wide view of the field of play. Sierra...

Year: 1994 Genre: Sports Updated: 2017-06-03 Tags: soccer football top-down