Games by Year: 1997

Disney's Hercules

Disney's Hercules is an action platformer game for Windows 95 and Playstation published in 1997 by Disney Interactive, based on the animated movie of the same name. If you have problems running it, use...

Year: 1997 Genre: Action Updated: 2016-11-30 Tags: arcade fantasy disney movies platform

Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital is a business simulator developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts for the PC in 1997. It's the second game in Bullfrog Productions' Theme series, and was proceeded...

Year: 1997 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2017-01-21 Tags: managerial humour

Championship Manager 97/98

Championship Manager 97/98 is the final update to the Championship Manager 2 series. It was developed by Sports Interactive and released in October 1997. Data was updated for the 97/98 season and includes...

Year: 1997 Genre: Sports Updated: 2016-11-06 Tags: managerial soccer football

The Settlers II

The Settlers II: Veni, Vidi, Vici is the second chapter of the popular series of city building real time strategy games created by Blue Byte software. It was published by Blue Byte in 1996 for DOS and...

Year: 1997 Genre: Strategy Updated: 2016-11-16 Tags: real-time

X-COM: Apocalypse

X-COM: Apocalypse is a sequel to X-COM: Terror from the Deep and is the third game in the X-COM series. It was developed by Mythos Games and published by MicroProse in 1997 for DOS and Windows.

Year: 1997 Genre: Strategy Updated: 2016-11-27 Tags: real-time sci-fi/futuristic turn-based


Blood is a first-person shooter with horror elements, which uses the Build engine.

Year: 1997 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2017-01-22 Tags: horror shooter

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is an open world action-adventure developed by DMA Design and published by BMG Interactive. It was released in October 1997 for DOS, Windows and Playstation. It is the first game in the...

Year: 1997 Genre: Action Updated: 2016-11-23 Tags: racing/driving

Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon

Scourge of Armagon is the first official mission pack for Quake. It was developed by Developed by Hipnotic Interactive and released in 1997. It contains 17 new single-player levels, new monsters, weapons...

Year: 1997 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2016-11-19 Tags: sci-fi/futuristic shooter


Carmageddon is a violent car racing game developed by Stainless Games, where the racing element can be equally important as wrecking opponents' cars or gathering kills by ramming into pedestrians.

Year: 1997 Genre: Racing Updated: 2016-12-05 Tags: racing/driving


Constructor is a simulation game developed by System 3 and published by Acclaim in 1997 for MS-DOS. It was later ported to Mac OS, Playstation and Windows. In this game rich of humour you control a construction...

Year: 1997 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2016-10-09 Tags: managerial real-time humour

Scudetto 97-98

Scudetto 97-98 is the Italian version of Championship Manager 2, with team and player data updated for the 97/98 season and all text localized to Italian. .

Year: 1997 Genre: Sports Updated: 2016-02-21 Tags: soccer football managerial italian

Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity

Dissolution of Eternity is the second expansion (or mission pack) for Quake. Developed by Rogue Entertainment, it was released on March 1997 for PC only. It includes 2 new episodes, each one with 15 single...

Year: 1997 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: sci-fi/futuristic shooter gothic multiplayer

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter similar in style and gameplay to Duke Nukem 3D, developed by 3D Realms and published for DOS in 1997.

Year: 1997 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2016-12-28 Tags: shooter freeware

Pac PC 2

Pac PC II is one of the best freeware clones of the original Pac-Man, probably the most popular arcade of all times.

Year: 1997 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2015-05-10 Tags: arcade freeware remake