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During the Covid-19 outbreak, don't donate to us but instead support all the people that are fighting against the virus and are helping the people affected.

Italy has been hit hard. If you want to help our contry, these are the coordinates for a wire transfer to the Italian "Protezione Civile". Wire transfer can be done from Italy or from any other country:

IBAN: IT84 Z030 6905 0201 0000 0066 387

Alternatively, check the World Health Organisation official page of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. You can directly donate on this page.

GamesNostalgia is a non-profit site, maintained by volunteers. The banners you see on our site only cover part of the costs related to the server and the bandwidth. Supporting us will also help us improving the site, add more games and write more reviews. If you want to support us, there are a few ways you can do it:

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Only for our true fans! If you really like us, you can support us becoming our patreons. Patreon is a great site and there are many options and advantages for you if you decide to support us. Click here to see the options. Starting from $2/month.

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*** Note: we glady accept all kind of donations, anyway you should know that Paypal gets a fee that for small amounts is quite impacting. For example if you donate 1 Euro, 38 cents go to Paypal, which means we get the 62%, it's really not very fair. For 2 Eur donations, we get 1.58 (which means 79% for us). While for example if you donate 10 Eur, we get the 93%. Oh, and by the way, if you donate 50 cents, we get nothing! So if you were thinking to make a donation per month of a small amount, don't do it. Much better a bigger donation every year.