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About GamesNostalgia

GamesNostalgia is a non-professional and non-profit website created and maintained by two videogames lovers. We like to play Batman, Skyrim, Tomb Raider and all those amazing videogames, but we also have a strong passion for the brilliant games of the past, especially the ones created during the most recent home computers era.

We are talking about those fantastic 10 years between 1985 and 1995 (and in particular from 1989 and 1994), when memorable masterpieces like SimCity, Civilization, Dune II, Ultima VII, Master of Orion, Day of the Tentacle, Doom, and many others were created.

Titles like these, not only have influenced modern videogames, but they are still incredibly fun and engaging today.

Most of these old games are now abandonware (abandoned or ignored by the owner) and are freely available on the Internet. We selected them and packed with the required emulators so that you can now play them easily on your modern PC.

We are aware that the concept of abandonware is quite controversial, but many positive feedbacks received not only from our users, but also from the original developers of the games, make us happy and willing to continue. If you like one of the game downloaded from GamesNostalgia, we strongly suggest you to check if it's available on a website called and buy it (usually the price is very cheap).

Final thanks to MobyGames, a videogames database that was extremely useful to build GamesNostalgia.

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