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Amiga Games WHDLoad Packs

WHDLoad is a way to run Amiga games from hard disk, even for games that did not originally support HD installation (the majority of them). Thanks to the fantastic work of the WHDLoad team, we can run those games, both on real Amigas and emulators, quickly and easily.

The WHDLoad wrappers don't include the games, but on the English Amiga Board FTP server, you can find the full packages. GamesNostalgia is now mirroring the Retroplay WHDLoad Games Packs. So if you use them, and you want the latest versions, you can also find them on this site. We update this page at least once per week, but not every week there are new packages released.

Choose one of the letters above to filter the table and see all the games available. By clicking the file name, you will open a new page with a lot of info: the download link, the game title, the latest WHDLoad version, the file size, the corresponding link to HOL, Lemon Amiga, WHDLoad info page, and the GamesNostalgia game page. If available, there will be a screenshot too. You won't find such a complete list of Amiga WHDLOad games anywhere else. Enjoy!

Latest files

Filename Size Version Game Title HWGN Date
Fortress Underground

Remember: these are not games ready to be launched on Windows or Mac. If you don't know how to use the WHDLoad packs, download the usual GamesNostalgia launchers instead. They include the emulator and all the settings and they are ready to be played.

Available Files: 3809