Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I play with this game I downloaded from your site?

GamesNostalgia is a free (and no-profit) service, and it does not offer any support for the games. In some cases, the game manual is available as an additional download or included in the package, but this is not always possible. If you need the manual, you can try to search for it on Google, or, even better, you should check if the game is available on or Steam, and buy it. GOG always provide all documentation, as well as soundtracks and additional files. Steam or GOG can also offer better support compared to us.

2. I downloaded the game archive from your site. How do I extract it?

We usually compress the games creating 7z archives with maximum compression. That's why you need to use the right software to open them. We suggest 7zip manager for Windows and Keka for Mac. Sometimes other programs seem to be able to uncompress the archives, but when you launch the games, they don't work. In most of the cases, it's because not all files have been extracted correctly. If the game doesn't work, before writing us, be sure to have used Keka or 7-zip.

3. When I try to extract the archive, I have been asked a password. What is it?

If you don’t know the password, open your browser again and go back the page of GamesNostalgia where you downloaded the game and read the review/game description. If the archive is password protected, you will find the password there. Sometimes the password is just the game title, for example, to extract Hercules, just type “hercules”.

4. I have Windows, and the game I downloaded doesn’t work. What can I do?

All emulated games should work without problems because we have tested all of them. In general, we don’t publish any game that hasn’t worked for us. So, first thing, please check that you have extracted the archive correctly (see #2). Please also check that you are running the correct file: search for ".BAT" or ".LNK" file in the first level of the directory extracted (for example, PrinceOfPersia.bat). Don't look for an EXE file (unless it's a Windows game, see later), because it won't work. You need to run the BAT to launch the emulator.

Non-emulated games (Windows 9x games), for example, Hercules or Road Rash, are a different story. There is no Windows 95/98 emulator for Windows 7 or 10, so the only possibility is trying to see if these titles, some of them created 20 years ago, still run on your new PC. If we have published a game, it means that it works at least on Windows7 64bit, but there’s a chance it won’t work on Windows 10, and, if this is the case, there's not much we can do. However, feel free to report problems on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

5. I have a Mac, and the game I downloaded doesn't work. What can I do?

As already mentioned, if we have published a game on the site, it means it's been tested, and it works. However, we know that High Sierra and Mojave can create some problems. First, if your Mac doesn't launch the game, open the System Preferences -> Security and Privacy, and check if you have a warning below "Allow apps downloaded from". Click the button to launch the game.

If the game starts, but you see strange errors, check if you have used Keka to uncompress the archive (see #2), if not, download the game again and open the archive with Keka. If you still get errors, try to drag and drop the game icon (just the game icon) to another folder (e.g., Applications, or Desktop) and try again.

6. I have a Mac, the game starts, but Save does not work. What can I do?

This is a recurring problem on High Sierra and Mojave, but there is a straightforward solution: drag and drop the game icon (just the game icon, not the entire folder) to another folder. For example Applications, Desktop or OldGames. In general, once you have extracted the archive, you must always move the game icon somewhere else to install it before playing.

7. Your site is great. How can I donate?

GamesNostalgia is not a company; it is a non-profit site maintained by volunteers in their spare time. We don’t want to get a profit from this activity, but there are costs to sustain, especially for the server and the bandwidth, which is required to allow users to download the files. Any donation will be much appreciated. Click here to donate.

8. There is this game that I loved so much, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Can you add it to your site?

No one should be sad because he/she cannot play his/her favorite game from the past. Feel free to write us and ask. Remember that the list of requests is very long and it might take some time before we can add your game. If you are a supporter (you are if you have donated), just let us know, because your request will receive priority.

9. If this site is no-profit, why I see advertising banners?

We work on GamesNostalgia during our spare time, we do it for passion, not to receive a salary. Anyway maintaining a website has a cost and in the case of GamesNostalgia the cost is high: to allow users to download files at a decent speed, we buy a monthly traffic of 1000tb per month (not to mention other smaller costs like hosting, domain, https certificate, etc.). The reason why we added banners, is to pay these expenses. At the moment, donations are not enough to cover costs. One day, if they will be enough, we will be happy to remove any advertising from the site.

10. I love your site. How can I help?

Besides donations, you can help us in many ways: speaking about GamesNostalgia with your friends; sharing our links on Facebook or Twitter or your favorite site. If you have a site/blog, write a small article about us and link our site.

We are also open to collaborations. If you can write a review about a game, we will be happy to publish it. If you find a manual, soundtrack, a map or an enhanced version of a game, feel free to send it. If you are a programmer and you have fixed some bugs in a game or created a better package (i.e., using a different configuration for the emulator) we’ll be happy to use your version. If you have created a package for a game you don’t see on our site, we’ll be glad to add it. Finally, if you found a bug on our website, tell us, we hate bugs!

11. Is there any list of games that are coming soon on your site?

We created a simple Trello board to keep track of the games that we plan to add. Games to be fixed are also reported here. The board is public and if you want to add cards to the board, send us an email!

12. Can you add the Mac version of this game? I can only see the PC version.

Our Mac versions are pretty cool, right? We have been able to create packages for DOS games and Amiga games that include the required emulators and configurations, all packed in a Mac OS application ready to be run. Unfortunately creating these versions need time and patience (remember we always test them), so you won’t find a Mac version of all the titles. Anyway if you would like to play a game for which we didn’t create the Mac version, just tell us. We’ll try to make it.

13. Why I receive a Virus warning when I try to download a game from your site?

We take all the necessary precautions to protect our packages from computer viruses. If you want to know more, please read how we keep GamesNostalgia safe from viruses and malware. We are aware of a known issue with Windows Defender. This antivirus cannot read our maximum compression 7zip archives properly, and in some cases, it reports a trojan, but in reality, the file is clean. If you trust us enough, you can try to deactivate Defender, download the file, and extract the archive in a folder. After that, you can scan the folder with antivirus, and you will see that it's clean.

14. What does Abandonware mean?

The answer to this question is not so simple, but if you want to know more about it, you can read our opinion here: what is abandonware?

Finally, my question is not here. What can I do?

Check the Help page or write to our email address, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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