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Happy Birthday Amiga 1200!

By: GN Team
Published: 21 October 2015, 1:52 pm

The Amiga 1200, the third-generation Amiga home computer, was launched 23 years ago, on October 21, 1992. The main feature was the AGA chipset, which finally allowed the Amiga to show 16.8 millions color (previously it was just 4096), with up to 256 on-screen colors. It also included a faster CPU, increased memory and faster graphics performance.

Unfortunately this was not enough to beat the competitors, and Commodore filed for bankruptcy just one year later. But the Amiga fans that bought the Amiga1200 were not disappointed, since many of the best games were revamped and relaunched in AGA version, including Civilization, UFO - Enemy Unknown, The Chaos Engine, Worms, Aladdin e many others.

To celebrate the anniversary, we just released Slam Tilt, a pinball simulation that many consider the best AGA game ever created. Enjoy!

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