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Available Platform: DOS

Doom is the legendary first-person shooter created by Id Software and released for DOS in 1993.


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Publisherid Software
Developerid Software
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated19 April 2024

Game Review

Doom is the legendary first-person shooter created by Id Software and released for DOS in 1993.

It was Id Software’s follow-up to their genre-defining Wolfenstein 3D. This was the first game to popularize multiplayer for this genre.

The Union Aerospace Corporation has been experimenting with teleportation on the moons of mars, when something goes wrong. Play from the perspective of a space marine sent to clean up the corporation’s mess. You watch as your friends are quickly slaughtered and you wonder how they made it out of boot camp. That aside, you soon find that the UAC has managed to open up a portal to hell and you’re about to need a lot of bullets. Don’t worry, as there is a large arsenal to choose from. With more advanced engine technology than Wolfenstein 3D, Doom’s levels are more varied and complex. The engine can simulate different heights and lighting conditions (hope you’re not afraid of the dark). With a myriad of booby traps set in indoor and outdoor environments, you better watch your step. Press switches and find key cards to advance through the episodes, all while fighting off the spawn of hell. Good luck.

Doom was voted one of the Ten Most Influential PC Games and stands as the milestone for the change from 2D graphics to 3D. Since its release, the licensing for 3D engines has become an important business branch of the PC industry. Winning more than 17 gaming awards, it has truly earned its spot on the Best Games of All Time list (7 times, in fact). It is also featured in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. I still personally own and play this one to this day. Trust me when I say you will love this game.

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Review by: Tasha
Published: 19 January 2017 8:25 pm

Users Reviews


I got to play the registered version of Doom a few months after DoomII around August 1995.
Despite having gotten to know it's bigger brother the original immediately tightened its grip on me. The atmosphere and gameplay was a bit different but nonetheless a classy experience!

The levels in this one range from goofey to grandiose and it was "the Romero" who helped to elevate an already fantastic game into a piece of timeless art. Episode 1, from start to finish, is maybe one of the few examples in map making where a fresh theme to a gameworld is being impressively introduced(E1M1) and gradually ever more refined along an oustanding set of levels that have stood the test of time in unique fashion.

Unfortunately Episode 2 and 3 albeit on average "good", only carry some highlights(e.g. E2M2, E2M4) that may shine a bit due to their abstract/interesting nature. There's stinkers like E2M9 which are interesting but seemingly unfinished. On the other hand E3M9 despite its simple nature bears some good ideas which guarantee a big "oh!" when played for the first time.
Peterson, who is responsible for these maps(including Hall's stubs), has a different style than Romero and he also had to mass produce the levels so, given the circumstances, he did well but as a finished product the later two thirds of Doom seem like an afterthought at best.
Nonetheless there's one highlight for me in the later map set and that is E3M6 - which could be seen as a drastic departure from the established crawling style, putting the player in a wide open space which demands roaming instead of sneeking. It was this map that hooked me to Doom way before I could truly appreciate the genius of the shareware episode.

Historically this is, next to Wolfenstein, the grand daddy of everything fps related and it still delivers tremendously.
While not as versatile, merciless and brute-ish as DoomII it is more of a classy and sci-fi oriented affair, bearing some interesting map themes, where Romero's iconic Episode 1 stands undefeated as the finest map-set of all time.


Review by: Dean Hammond
Published: 20 March 2023 1:06 pm

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  • yaar ben shlomo - 2024-03-09 - Reply

    neat game

  • Ethan Davis - 2022-05-16 - Reply

    well i cant play it when i try it to play it it says i cant

  • Hl Gamer - 2021-09-07 - Reply

    This game is very fun

  • Patrimad - 2020-09-12 - Reply

    its 2020 I'm only 13 but this daaaam game is my favorite

  • *Trying to think of something cr - 2020-06-17 - Reply

    Still a classic. and fun. What games should be. A lot of games are fun. But sometimes, there are bad games. and then there's Doom

  • andrew - 2016-08-01 - Reply

    Doom is another fun game that will never die..... The full version of this game is awesome and i spent so many hours playing through it..... all 4 episodes of the game were enough to make me want to keep playing it..... New doom was okay but this doom is though a whole lot better and does not get boring at all.... the music also conveys and displays a creepy feeling as well in it...... if you love this game..... then you will dig Doom 2 as well..... Best game i ever played through as a demo version? Then got the full version of it from the web..... this game will keep you on your toes in the dark as it does not mess around..... take care and god bless....)