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Available Platform: Windows

Diablo is a famous hack and slash role-playing game created by Blizzard and released at the end of 1996 for Windows.

GenreRole Playing

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PublisherBlizzard Entertainment
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
OS supportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7, MacOS 10.6-10.14
Updated11 July 2018

Game Review

Diablo is a famous "hack and slash" role-playing game created by Blizzard and released at the end of 1996 for Windows. Two years later, it was released to Macintosh.

It is not only one of the most popular RPGs ever created; it's the title that redefined the concept of "action RPG" and "hack & slash." It is so influential that today we still see clones or games inspired by it. When it was released, Diablo was elected Game of the Year, but 30 years later, you can always find its name in many lists of the Greatest Games of All Time.

Initially conceived as a turn-based game by its designer, David Brevik, Diablo was instead changed into a real-time action RPG, where you control the player with the mouse, and clicking is required to move and attack. A fantastic set of skills and spells, computer-generated levels, and tons of items to find and collect add depth to the gameplay. Maybe only its successor, Diablo II, released in 2000, was able to surpass the awesomeness of Diablo.

Diablo I is no longer available for sale, and it isn't effortless to run it on modern OSes; anyway, we could pack a working version. Unfortunately, we cannot host the full version, so the music is missing (but you can find it on YouTube, or you can buy it on iTunes).

Review by: GN Team
Published: 17 July 2018 1:47 am

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Latest Comments

  • President Tomato - 2024-06-23 - Reply

    I used to play this game as often as my parents would let me after school! I wonder if the trick to drop gold on the ground, saving the world, then reloading still works for infinite gold!?

  • ERPEL - 2022-07-09 - Reply

    Works fine on win xp sp2 at full screen.
    Windowed screen cant be moved and has some black overlay cloaking/disabling the menu navigations

  • PROSTO4Tabal - 2021-02-13 - Reply

    This is one of the best games in mid 90s with no doubt. One of my favourite games at all time for it's unique gameplay and sound design. I'd put this game on the same shelf with original Quake and Thief The Dark Project for their spooky medieval feeling. I played it on Playstation1, PC and Mac. Love those all tiny differences. For cRPG or Hack'n'Slash fan must-play position.

  • Klaus Wrigge - 2019-11-06 - Reply

    Hi:Gibt es hier auch deutsche Versionen,da steht zwar Sprache: DE ist aber alles in English.Ich habe zwar des öfteren mal das Netz durchsucht,und es gibt alle möglichen Versionen außer deutsch komisch.

  • David Holman - 2019-08-31 - Reply

    Works fine on windows 10. Killed 2 skeletons and then one of the other ones got me. I must really download the game manual and read it before rushing down dungeons.

  • ron - 2019-02-22 - Reply

    I would since I have a physical disk, however all that the disk allows you to pull without a passcode that hasn't been released to my knowledge is "Diablo_Launcher.exe" or .app for apple devices. Also The full version does not require wineskin if you ran the installer off an actual disk and some how could get more files onto the computer there is an apple version much like the original fallout 2.

  • ron - 2019-02-22 - Reply

    Diablos music was played directly from the cd or dvd. (later releases of diablo that came bundled in the collectors edition had 1 on a dvd rom with some extras)

  • matze - 2019-01-19 - Reply

    No Music?

  • Joel - 2018-09-22 - Reply

    The beta doesnt have the music, please upload the real game, the escence of this game have a great value of the town music, tristam. Pleaseeee

  • GW - 2018-08-12 - Reply

    Yes, thats right. I've checked it, and playing on different difficulty levels in single player mode was possible, but only if you had a "hellfire" expansion.

  • Merth - 2018-08-10 - Reply

    I think it was avail to multiplayer mode - even played by one person, but same - correct me if i'm wrong ;]

  • GW - 2018-07-26 - Reply

    Unfortunately after defeating Diablo, game restarts, and you can continue a new one, but on the same difficulty level. It means that you cannot upgrade your character more than to 26-27 lvl. I have played diablo nearly 20 years ago, and as i remember, there was a posiibility to play once again on the higher difficulty level. Correct me if i am wrong.