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Football Glory

Available Platform: Amiga

Football Glory is a soccer sim created by the Croatian indie game development studio Croteam for the Amiga in 1994 and then ported to MS-DOS in 1995.


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PublisherBlack Legend
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated18 February 2021

Game Review

Football Glory is a soccer sim created by the Croatian indie game development studio Croteam for the Amiga in 1994 and then ported to MS-DOS in 1995. The game was released as freeware a few years after.

Despite being heavily inspired by the Sensible Soccer series (many would say it's a clone), the game has, however, its peculiarities. The sense of humor is excellent, for example in the dialogs between players or between players and referee. Not mentioning the after-touch, sometimes is a bit exaggerated. It will bring some fun if you are playing with your friends. Even if you are SWOS addicted, this is a nice diversion.

Croteam would become later famous for the Serious Sam series. If you want to know how they started, try Football Glory!

Users Reviews

I want to be honest, I tried this game and it didn't get me too excited. Maybe because it looks a lot like Sensible Soccer, maybe because it's too dated now ... maybe ... Or because of the confusing choice of command methods. However, I think I was negatively affected by the training sessions. In particular the penalty kicks. Since I have been playing computer games, back in the 1980s ... I have never seen a single football game that properly simulates the penalty kick. In reality, a penalty shot is much more likely to end up in a goal than to be saved. In computer soccer games, the opposite is true. Saving a penalty kick is very simple, at least if the goalkeeper is controlled by artificial intelligence, that is, by the computer.

This is a feature that began more than forty years ago, since then things in terms of graphics have changed enormously, today the movements of players not controlled by the player are very realistic, not like in the past, where the player controlled by the player seemed play a game, while his teammates played another! The headers, the passes, the free-kicks ... the corner kicks ... the participation in the action ... Everything has improved markedly ... The only aspect that has remained negatively unchanged is precisely that of football penalty ... In reality it is a real goal opportunity, in various computer football games, scoring a penalty kick becomes a very difficult thing.

Also the fact that in a computer simulated soccer match, seeing a penalty foul ... well! Come to think of it, this fact has never occurred to me to see either. Let it be clear that I am talking about "arcade" type football games and not about the various Football manager simulators. Fortunately, things are more realistic there.

Review by: Maurizio Petta
Published: 9 July 2022 9:46 pm

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