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Impossible Mission 2025

Available Platform: Amiga - Alias: Impossible Mission 2025: The Special Edition

Impossible Mission 2025 is the third game of the Impossible Mission trilogy created originally by Epyx.


72/100 based on 6 Editorial reviews. Add your vote

DeveloperMicroProse Software
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated21 February 2021

Game Review

Impossible Mission 2025 is the third game of the Impossible Mission trilogy created originally by Epyx. This final title was developed and published by MicroProse in 1994 for Amiga and Amiga CD32.

The game stays true to the puzzle element of the original but improves upon many aspects of it. If you played Impossible Mission I or Impossible Mission II, you’re probably familiar with the setup. For those unacquainted with the series, you play as a secret agent tasked with taking down a robot-making evil genius, Atombender. Choose between 3 different characters: Felix, Tasha (yay!), and a robot named Ram. I’m going to go ahead and say how happy I am that my name’s in the game. Anyway, a significant change from the original is the new larger levels. Playing as a platformer, you explore, avoid robots, solve puzzles, and collect pieces to create the key you need to reach the unstable Atombender.

Many fans of the series were pretty hard on Impossible Mission 2025, stating a nostalgic love of the first one. Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition included a playable version of the original, which satisfied most. I’ve seen both sides of the argument on whether or not 2025 was an actual improvement. Where do you stand?

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Review by: GN Team
Published: 30 March 2018 10:21 pm

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Latest Comments

  • Maurizio Petta - 2022-07-12 - Reply

    I was going to write a not very flattering review for this game! I could not get out of the connection with the monitors. Then I realized that I had to use the Enter key ... But for God's sake ... but why not put, within the various screens, a more practical command ... "EXIT"? Why complicate a game that is already very complicated on its own? Even the use of the various junk, which is collected after having "SEARCHED", is not very intuitive! In short, we are talking about an extremely cumbersome game, fortunately the movements are sufficiently fluid, the character seems to move rather in accordance with the commands and in the long run there could also be some fun.

    Also good idea to insert the original version. I only tried a few screenshots of the classic version, to tell the truth it did NOT seem less complicated than the new version. Bah! As soon as I have some time, I'll try to try it longer.

    Too bad, it is a game produced by "Microsoft", but it doesn't seem to be very attractive at first. You have to be really fond of the "Microrpose" games to try to understand how it works, which is really too complex!