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Games Published by Agd Interactive

King's Quest I VGA Remake

The VGA remake of King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown was created by AGD Interactive, as a remake of the graphics adventure King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown designed by Roberta Williams and released by Sierra in 1984.

Year: 2010 Genre: Adventure

remake adventure game studio point-and-click

King's Quest III Redux

King's Quest III Redux is an enhanced remake of the popular point-and-click adventure published by Sierra in 1986. This fantastic remake features hand-painted backgrounds and new c...

Year: 2011 Genre: Adventure

enhanced remakes fantasy freeware graphic adventure hand-drawn animations point and click

Quest for Glory II Remake

Quest for Glory II Remake is (as you might expect) a remake of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, the second chapter of Sierra's adventure-RPG series started with Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero.

Year: 2008 Genre: Adventure

graphic adventure remake rpg elements vga freeware