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Author : Tasha
11 February 2022, 1:55 pm

Legendary Game Designers: Damon Slye

Ah, the 80’s. It was a time of big hair and even bigger aspirations for one programmer. From the humble beginnings of befriending a local computer store owner in Eugene, Oregon, to taking over the world of simulations, contributing to an entire genre, and starting two successful game companies, Damon Slye has certainly made his mark on the gaming world.

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Author : Tasha S. & Emanuele B.
29 February 2020, 8:05 am

Legendary Game Designers: Will Wright

Hooba noobie! Ayaw ko bobo siya! That, of course, means absolutely nothing, it's pure gibberish, Or should I say "simlish." Simlish is the familiar "language" that is used in the Sims series of games. Why am I talking about the sims and, worse yet, attempting to speak their language? That's because of Will Wright, the man behind the sims games. Everything from SimCity to every Sims game that followed. I grew up with the Sims games, and I always found the antics of those little sims to be hilarious, nonsensical, and often risque. I loved it. The very idea of making your own little person and playing God, if you want. But, I should probably backtrack somewhat if I'm going to do Mr. Wright any justice.

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