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Happy Easter to All Retrogamers!

By: Manu
Published: 26 March 2016, 10:00 am

We hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays and you have a lot of free time, because we have some very good news for you:

* First, Mac users will be happy to know that Ultima 7, Lords of the Realm, Strike Commander and Zak McKracken are finally available also for their system. Get them now!

* Dragon's Lair, the famous cinematic adventure, is now on GamesNostalgia. Cool!

* If you had an Amiga, you must have played either Lotus or Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge. Now you have the chance to race again, because we released them both for PC and Mac. All packed with emulators and ready to play.

* Finally, if you like beat 'em up, don't miss Double Dragon and Double Dragon II. Get ready to fight!

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