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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Available Platform: Windows

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is the first chapter of a famous tactical game series created by the Spanish studio Pyro and published by Eidos.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

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PublisherEidos Interactive
DeveloperPyro Studios
OS supportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7, MacOS 10.6-10.14
Updated11 October 2022

Game Review

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is the first chapter of a famous tactical game series created by the Spanish studio Pyro and published by Eidos.

This first game, designed by Gonzalo Suárez and Ignacio Pérez Dolset, was released in 1998 for Windows only.

It is set during World War 2, and it includes scenarios in North Africa and Europe, with missions that vary from assassinations, sabotage, or rescuing other soldiers. At first sight, Commandos might seem like a classic real-time strategy game, but you soon discover that it's more a puzzle-tactical game, with mechanics heavily based on stealth. There are six men at your disposal, each with his own skills: the sniper, the killer, the diver, the demolitions expert, the spy, and the driver. Not all of them are available in every mission, only the ones that you need - if you want, like Lemmings. Using them properly and possibly without raising the alarm, will be fundamental.

The game was a huge success, with more than 1 mln copies sold, and it's considered one of the best games made in Spain.

A remastered version was released in 2019 on Steam and GOG.

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Windows version - Language: English - Size: 51.22 Mb

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Windows version 0.9 - Language: English - Size: 206.89 Mb

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Latest Comments

  • Wouter brand - 2022-12-22 - Reply

    Unfortunately: macOS Monterey 12.6: Corrupt file, file is damaged.

  • ERPEL - 2022-07-14 - Reply

    Switching language did the job, the game is running.

    But sadly it doesnt run very stable. Tested it a few hours, it crashed 3 or 4 times, sometimes sound is missing.

    Edit: savegame is working, its connected to a profile. But you have to re-enter the profile-name each time u run the game. Otherwise the save-games are not displayed at the load-game-screen.

  • ERPEL - 2022-07-11 - Reply

    I always thought theres a difference between choosing a language for the UI and the localisation of an OS to a certain country, thats why i didnt just changed the language. but if u say its as simple as that, i will give it a try ;-)

  • Manu - 2022-07-11 - Reply

    @ERPEL I think you can just switch your Windows to English, you don't need to buy a new copy of it.

  • ERPEL - 2022-07-11 - Reply

    Why should i skip cutscenes if the game does not even start? That makes no sense.

    The error message says i need to have the german version of the game. Obviously i have german win7 that doesnt fit the english game. But i wont buy english win7 just for this.

  • Manu - 2022-07-09 - Reply

    @ERPEL the game works on Windows 7 and 10 64bit English versions. I haven't tested other languages. Remember to press Esc to skip the cutscenes if the game seems to be frozen.

  • ERPEL - 2022-07-09 - Reply

    Does not run on win xp sp2
    Does not run on win7

    Initialization error. This is the english version, u need to run the german version on this computer.