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Eye of the Beholder II AGA

Available Platform: Amiga


GenreRole Playing

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DeveloperWestwood Associates
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated20 May 2020

Game Review

Eye Of The Beholder II: The Legend Of Darkmoon is the sequel to the popular dungeon crawler rpg created by Westwood Associates and published by Strategic Simulations Inc in 1991 for the Amiga and MS-DOS. Several years later (in 2006) a group of fans, lead by CFou, reverse engineered the game and rewrote it to support the Amiga AGA chipset. This way the 256 color graphics of the PC version could be ported the Amiga one. As a special bonus, an automapping feature was added (activated with the TAB key).

Gamesnostalgia as usual offers you a fully working package which includes the required emulators. If you are a fan of the EOB series, you cannot miss it.

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Download Eye of the Beholder II AGA - Amiga Version amiga

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EOB2 Amiga AGA version 1.05 0.1 - Language: English - Size: 9.18 Mb

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Amiga AGA version 0.1 - Language: English - Size: 10.41 Mb

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