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Master of Magic

Available Platform: DOS

Master of Magic is a fantasy turn-based strategy game created by Simtex and published by MicroProse in 1994 for MS-DOS.

Master of Magic

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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated2 December 2020

Game Review

Master of Magic is a fantasy turn-based strategy game created by Simtex and published by MicroProse in 1994 for MS-DOS.

In this turn-based 4X strategy game, which some defined the fantasy version of Sid Meier's Civilization, players assume the character of a wizard, exploring the world, vanquishing monsters to obtain treasure, researching spells and creating armies in order to defeat enemy wizards.

When the game was first released, it was full of bugs and featured a poor AI that left many reviewers frustrated. However, after a number of patches the game is now lauded as one of the top games of all time, and despite several similar games being released (most notably Age of Wonders), Master of Magic continues to be one of the best fantasy strategy games to date. In 2000 GameSpy added the game to their Hall of Fame, and the game remains so popular that fans continue to create unofficial patches, even after official game support was discontinued.

With randomly generated maps, character customization, and a seemingly endless range of creatures to summon and spells to cast, every time you play this game it feels like a brand new adventure.

The version offered by GamesNostalgia is the 1.3.1, a patch released in 1995 including all the bug fixes and improvements.

Review by: Maddie
Published: 26 January 2017 12:30 am

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DOS version 1.1 - Language: English - Size: 19.45 Mb

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DOS version 1.1c - Language: English - Size: 21.12 Mb

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Latest Comments

  • Michele - 2020-04-13 - Reply

    Simply put, the best turn-based fantasy rpg of all time. I still play it!

  • Sam Boxleitner - 2019-08-18 - Reply

    having the same issue as Daniel Travis. Every game starts on myran plane regardless of custom game settings. Is there a fix for this? I love this game. can't live without it.

  • Daniel Travis - 2018-09-18 - Reply

    Thanks so much for a MoM that runs on mac, however there seems to be an issue with the download i got, every game i start no matter what choices i make only gives me the mage rajak with life and chaos with myrran, channeler, and warlord traits, also my game already came with 3 pre loaded game saves, i think that might be part of the issue.

  • Mark Friese - 2017-07-07 - Reply

    This new version is gloriously fast. Thanks so much! Also, really appreciate the quick reply and the work you guys are doing on the site. Consider me a supporter.
    Thanks again.
    - Mark

  • Manu - 2017-07-07 - Reply

    Hi Mark, thank you for your message. Actually there was a small problem with the DOSBox config, so the game was quite slow. We just uploaded a fixed version, try now!

  • Mark Friese - 2017-07-07 - Reply

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks very much for posting! Extremely excited about MoM, just finished playing Master of Orion and am on quite a 4x kick.
    Question for you - the game is running very slowly on my machine, a 2013 MacBook Air. Trying to find a way to speed it up - each battle is a 5-minute endeavor at the moment. Any ideas on how to get it running a bit more quickly?
    Any help you can spare would be much appreciated. Let me know if you have any ideas, and thanks again for posting the game.
    - Mark