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Superfrog is a platformer created for the Amiga by Team 17 and released initially in 1993.


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated7 July 2019

Game Review

Superfrog is a platformer created for the Amiga by Team 17 and released initially in 1993. One year later the game was ported to MS-DOS.

With a lot of colors and nice animations, the game is totally violence free. There is no weapon, you can only jump on the enemies and use your speed. You will have to travel across 6 colourful worlds, each one with 4 stages, to rescue the princess.

You can easily say that Superfrog represents the state of the art for platformers. The game is not known for its novelty, but on the other side is simply technically perfect. With an amazing graphics, a fantastic intro animation drawn by the artist Eric W. Schwartz, a soundtrack composed by Allister Brimble, a difficulty level perfectly tuned and an excellent gameplay, Superfrog hasn't aged a day. All Amiga users still remember it and for a good reason.

If you think Team17 just created Worms, you should really try Superfrog.

Review by: Manu
Published: 24 April 2017 10:05 pm


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Latest Comments

disqus_lBCbMtsZa2 - 2018-06-12

Yep, you are right, its defo PEGI18 Game

Roberto Martinelli - 2018-02-01

Superfrog doesn't have a weapon? Yes, he does. He has his little buddy he can throw at enemies.
Is it totally not violent? No, it isn't. Superfrog can die from getting hit by swinging spiked balls, and by falling into spike pits.
How familiar are you actually with this game?

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