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Games by Year of Release: 1993

Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Star Trek: Judgment Rites is a graphic adventure based on the popular sci-fi series. It was released by Interplay in 1993, a a sequel to Star Trek: 25th Anniversary..

Year: 1993 Genre: Adventure

graphic adventure licensed point and click science fiction space flight spaceship star trek tv series

Spatial Hyperdrive

Spatial Hyperdrive is a nice simple Amiga game developed by Mike J. Rawes and released as freeware in 1993. It a fast "endless run" race for 1 or 2 players..

Year: 1993 Genre: Arcade

2 players amiga original game amos co-op freeware h-scrolling shoot-em up public domain shoot em up

Eagle Eye Mysteries

Eagle Eye Mysteries is a first-person detective educational game developed by Stormfront Studios and published by EA*Kids in 1993 for PC MS-DOS only.

Year: 1993 Genre: Adventure

detective mystery writing

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure is a fantasy Platformer developed by Animation F/X and published by Manaccom in 1993 for DOS.

Year: 1993 Genre: Platformer

amiga original game fantasy platform puzzle-solving

Bob's Garden

Bob's Garden is an Amiga public domain clone of the 1982 arcade Mr. Do!. The game was created in 1993 by Justin Leck, previously the author of Digger, a clone of Dig Dug (kind of predecessor of Mr.

Year: 1993 Genre: Arcade

2d amiga original game clone fantasy maze public domain single screen

Mystery at the Museums

Mystery at the Museums is a strategy/puzzle educational game sponsored by Smithsonian Institution. The game was developed by Artech Digital Entertainments and published for DOS in 1993.

Year: 1993 Genre: Puzzler

cards geography history logic mental training puzzle-solving science tile matching puzzle tiles

Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor

Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor is the third and final chapter of the role-playing game series Eye of the Beholder by Strategic Simulations Inc. Unlike the other...

Year: 1993 Genre: Role Playing

d&d dungeon crawler fantasy forgotten realms real-time role-playing

18th Airborne

18th Airborne is a top-down split-screen multiplayer shooter from Taiwanese developer Spectrum Information..

Year: 1993 Genre: Shooter

shooter split-screen

Project Nomad

Project Nomad is a space exploration game developed by Intense! Interactive and published by GameTek in 1993. I'm going to be straightforward about this, I don't know what to think about Nomad.

Year: 1993 Genre: Action

business simulation management science fiction space flight

Galactic: The Xmas Edition

Galactic: The Xmas Edition is an unreleased game created by Stavros Fasoulas in 1993 exclusively for the Amiga. It's a mix of a platformer and a flying multidirectional shooter, v...

Year: 1993 Genre: Shooter

christmas holidays multi-scrolling shooter

Super Obliteration

Super Obliteration is a public domain game created by David Papworth for the Amiga and released in 1993. It's commonly described as a Pang clone or a mix between Pang and Asteroids.

Year: 1993 Genre: Arcade

amiga original game clone public domain science fiction

F17 Challenge

F17 Challenge is an arcade racing game created by Holodream and published by Team17 exclusively for the Amiga in 1993. The game doesn't try to be considered a simulator. Rules of p...

Year: 1993 Genre: Racing

amiga original game driving f1 racing simulation

Skunny Kart

Skunny Kart is a nice racing game clearly inspired by Super Mario Kart. It was developed by Copysoft and released in 1993 for MS-DOS. The hero of the game is Skunny, a squirrel, t...

Year: 1993 Genre: Racing

2 players cartoon clone racing simulation split-screen track racing

One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond is the sequel to Pushover, a puzzle-platformer created by Red Rat Software and published by Ocean. It was released in 1993, one year after the first game. The main ...

Year: 1993 Genre: Puzzler

advergames cartoon platform puzzle-solving