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Games Published by Guildhall


Gloom is famous for being the first Doom clone to be released for the Amiga. It was developed by Black Magic and released by Guildhall in 1995 for Amiga with AGA chipset. Despite t...

Year: 1995 Genre: Shooter

2.5d aga amiga original game clone co-op doom clone first-person fps multiplayer science fiction shoot em up texture map

XTreme Racing

Xtreme Racing is a kart racing videogame created by Siltunna Software exclusively for Amiga and published in 1995. The game is inspired by the famous Super Mario Kart, released for the SNES in 1992.

Year: 1995 Genre: Racing

2 players 3d aga amiga original game automobile competitive driving split-screen texture map


Legends is a fantasy/sci-fi action-adventure, inspired by Zelda, created by Krisalis Software and published in 1996 for Amiga models with AGA chipset and PC. When The Legend of Zel...

Year: 1996 Genre: Role Playing

action-rpg aga ancient egypt fantasy jrpg top-down wanderer