Abandoned Places

Original Platforms: DOS, Amiga - Alias: Abandoned Places: A Time For Heroes

Abandoned Places is a DOS conversion of a popular fantasy Amiga RPG developed by ArtGame and released in 1992.

GenreRole Playing

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PublisherInternational Computer Entertain
OS supportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7, MacOS X 10.6+
Updated1 August 2019
TAGSamiga original game dungeon crawler fantasy real-time wizards and witches


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Download Abandoned Places - DOS Version

DOS version - Language: EN - Size: 2.94 Mb

Download Abandoned Places - Amiga Version

Amiga version 1.3 - Language: EN - Size: 9.87 Mb

Amiga version 1.3 - Language: EN - Size: 11.22 Mb

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