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Ashes of Empire

Available Platform: Amiga - Alias: Fallen Empire

Ashes of Empire (also known as Fallen Empire) is an action-adventure published by Mirage originally for the Amiga in 1992.


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated4 September 2021

Game Review

Ashes of Empire (also known as Fallen Empire) is an action-adventure published by Mirage originally for the Amiga in 1992.

The game was designed by Mike Singleton, the author of Midwinter and Midwinter II: Flames Of Freedom. Despite not being an official sequel, Ashes of Empire is often considered the third chapter.

There are many elements in common with the series: you can move freely in a world entirely in 3D, exploring places, visiting cities, meeting people, solving puzzles, and occasionally engaging in combat, always in real-time. But in this case, the game has much bigger ambitions. So big that it was defined as a "political simulation." In fact, the game gives the player a very ambitious task: to pacify five countries, whose names are clearly similar to post-Soviet states: Ossia, Ruzakhstan, Belokraine, Moldenia, and Servonia. To do that, you will have to visit the countries, get enough resources, talk to people and convert them to your cause. To really pacify a state, you have to meet 4 requirements: assure that each state has enough peace-supporting buildings, demolish all the buildings that menace peace, eliminate the enemy forces, and get the support of all the ethnic groups. Depending on the allies you have found during the game, you might need different strategies; for example, if your friends love gold, you will have to gather enough of the precious metal. Other allies will need different tactics.

Ashes of Empire, regardless of the political message that Mike Singleton wanted to communicate, it's an interesting mix of strategy, action, and adventure. The strategic part is clearly the most interesting, and sometimes you wonder if all this exploration in 3D is really adding something to the game. Compared to Midwinter, the world is richer and interesting to visit, there are many vehicles you can pilot, and sometimes the game looks like a flight simulator. But 3D technology hasn't aged well compared to 2D, so if you play this game now, you sometimes feel the need for a remake.

All considered, Ashes of Empire is a fascinating and original title, considered by many a real masterpiece. If you love free exploration games mixed with strategy, you cannot miss it.

Review by: GN Team
Published: 10 September 2021 11:40 am

Users Reviews

Game of thirty years ago ... But which, unfortunately, given the latest international developments, is terribly current ..... We are agents at the service of the international community. We are catapulted into terrible realities, with problems of ethnic conflict, and political confusion, where weapons have replaced diplomacy. Unfortunately, that's not all, as the situation can take a truly disastrous turn. In fact, the territory where we were sent is full of weapons of mass destruction. Official diplomacy has already failed abundantly, the only hope is us, yes ... it seems strange ... but it is really like that! Who would have ever thought that?
The fate of millions of people depends on our common sense, organizational skills, and the wise use of our scarce resources. This is a territory that is dramatically affected by the regime change taking place in those countries that were led until recently by true autocracies, mildly disguised as pseudo-democracies. Now, however, people are aware of their rights and demand them even at the risk of their lives. Public life is disintegrating and populations are in urgent need of ... everything. Food, medicine, clothing, spare parts, fuel ... but also facilities such as hospitals, radar stations, and depots. Other structures must be eliminated, while still others must be built from scratch. In short, a demanding job!
If this were not enough, it must be said that our attempts will be opposed by rebel military troops, even in this case, the choice is up to us ... Eliminate these hostile troops with fighting ... or try to use, where it is possible the diplomatic card? Will the various political figures we meet will help us of their own free will or should we try to get them to our side, to get help, with rewards?
The region where we will have to operate is quite vast, it is called "C.R.S", and is made up of 5 republics, which in turn are made up of a province with the capital. A Republic can be completed by up to eight other provinces, in addition to the one containing the capital. The five republics are Ossia, Belokrania, Ruzakhstan, Moldenia, and Servonia. To succeed in our mission, that is, to pacify the various Republics, it is necessary to provide everything the capital province needs plus what is needed by at least two other provinces. Or satisfy the requests of all the provinces of each Republic except that of the capital.
In any case, we do not have an infinite time, the number of days of stay in every single province, republic, and in the entire CRS is limited. With suitable buildings we can increase it, however, beyond a certain limit, the risk of nuclear attacks begins to rise in the region where we are lingering. Up to unleashing a real rain of atomic missiles, which would in fact mark our failure.
The original Amiga game included a video cassette that contained a video manual of the game.

Review by: Maurizio Petta
Published: 30 June 2022 10:47 pm

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