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The Dark Queen of Krynn

Available Platform: Amiga

The Dark Queen of Krynn is the last game in the series of RPGs created using the Gold Box engine and set in the Dragonlance D&D world.

GenreRole Playing

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PublisherStrategic Simulations Inc
DeveloperStrategic Simulations Inc
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated6 June 2024

Game Review

The Dark Queen of Krynn is the last game in the series of RPGs created using the "Gold Box" engine and set in the Dragonlance D&D world. The game was released by Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1992 for MS-DOS, Macintosh, and Amiga.

In the pantheon of classic role-playing games, the Gold Box series holds a special place in the hearts of fantasy enthusiasts. Among its revered titles is The Dark Queen of Krynn, the third and final chapter in the Dragonlance games saga. While often overshadowed by its predecessors, this retro game offers a unique charm that captivates players.

The game transports players to the continent of Taladas, where they face the ultimate antagonist in the Dragonlance universe—the Dark Queen herself. It's a perilous journey as players navigate a labyrinth of political intrigue and engage in relentless combat. The stakes are high, and the pressure is palpable as players rally their party to thwart the looming threat over Krynn.

The Dark Queen of Krynn stays true to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) ruleset, offering a familiar experience to fans of the series. However, it distinguishes itself with a heightened focus on combat. Battles are more frequent and challenging, demanding strategic prowess and careful management of resources. This shift towards combat intensity has been noted by critics, with some praising the challenge it presents, while others miss the narrative depth of earlier titles.

Upon its release, the game received mixed reviews. Some highlighted the game's epic narrative arc, concluding the adventure that began with Champions of Krynn. However, other reviewers have pointed out the game's shortcomings, citing a less balanced plot and a steep difficulty curve that could deter newcomers.

Despite these criticisms, this game has secured its place in the annals of RPG history. The Dark Queen of Krynn may not be the crown jewel of the Gold Box series, but it is undeniably a significant piece of the Dragonlance legacy. Its challenging gameplay and the final showdown against the Dark Queen offer a satisfying conclusion for those who have journeyed through Krynn's treacherous lands. As the years pass, this retro game continues to be a testament to the enduring allure of classic RPGs.

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  • markegiani - 2020-07-28 - Reply

    Good RPG game with bad graphics and sound. Only for hardcore fans of D&D.