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Koronis Rift

Available Platform: Atari 8-bit

Koronis Rift is one of the earliest games created by LucasArts (aka Lucasfilm Games).


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated3 February 2022

Game Review

Koronis Rift is one of the earliest games created by LucasArts (aka Lucasfilm Games). It was designed and produced by Noah Falstein, and it was released initially, in 1985, for the Atari 8-bit computers. It was later ported to Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, and other platforms.

The game makes use of "fractal" algorithms to generate rifts - the same technology used in Rescue on Fractalus - in which your planetary rover will have to find weapons and other aliens technology.

Being developed for the Atari 8-bit, Koronis Rift is one of the few games able to use all the graphics features of these computers. The higher number of colors is, in fact, used to render the depth of field and show with more realism, objects far from the player.

Koronis Rift received extremely positive reviews, almost all higher than 90%, and it's still enjoyable to play today.

Btw, porting Koronis Rift to Commodore 64 was one of the first tasks of Ron Gilbert at LucasArts.

Review by: GN Team
Published: 6 October 2019 6:08 pm

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