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Available Platform: DOS

MechWarrior is a vehicle simulation game developed by Dynamix and published by Activision.


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated19 April 2024

Game Review

MechWarrior is a vehicle simulation game developed by Dynamix and published by Activision. The title was created in 1989 for DOS but was later ported to Sharp X68000 in 1992 and PC-98 home in 1993.

The Oregon-based company was known for both its war games, such as the Red Baron flight simulator, and its sports games, with the Front Page Sports saga as its principal exponent. Concerning MechWarrior, this was the second title in the BattleTech saga that would culminate in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

The protagonist of this installment is Gideon Braver Vandenburg, a Mecha pilot, and son of Duke Cameron Vandenburg, ruler of the planet Ander's Moon. Without any warning, the family of the main character is killed. Things get even more complicated when it is discovered that the chalice belonging to Gideon, which validated his status as the king's successor, was stolen. To make things worse, he must also clean up his image, since he was unjustly accused of having an active role in this regicide. Thus, the consulate not only gave the protagonist five years to recover the item and prove his royal blood but also to clean his image and take revenge on the group of mercenaries who did so much damage.

During the adventure, Gideon can buy, sell, and repair different Battlemechs he gets. Besides, he will be recruiting different soldiers to accompany him in the battles. These can die in combat or get fired by the main character. They also have different prices, skills, weapons, and even quotes. Many of these soldiers are blocked and will be obtained by improving the reputation of the hero as the game goes on. This also serves to get different missions, so a good reputation opens new possibilities, and a bad one can even make characters not want to negotiate with the protagonist. The combat takes place in the first person from inside the robot, where several vectors will help the user to orient himself in the fight, which will end up by fulfilling specific criteria of attack or defense.

The colors of this entry are oversaturated. Each map executes a different theme (like desert or plain, day or night) and attributes a particular set of colors to make each level feel different. Outside of combat, the maps to enhance the robot suit, text, and even the cutscene maintain this intense aesthetic. Still, the developers did not hesitate to use an even greater variety of hues for these sections.

The reception from the critics was excellent, so ten years later, the game was still selling very well. The reviewers' main focus was on the fun and strategic approach on and off the battlefield, giving freshness to both the duel and its anticipation. With a great variety of games with Battlemechs such as the great Front Mission saga or the classic Vanguard Bandits fighting game, MechWarrior is one of its most celebrated predecessors. If you want to play this very advanced title for its time and put on a robotic suit, don't waste any more time, you can do it right now.

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Review by: Gustavo
Published: 14 February 2021 8:53 am

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  • Ivan Ivanov - 2023-01-31 - Reply

    One of the best. If you like it, read William Keith's first 3 books on MechWarrior univerce - they're worth it too! And of the same style of this game!