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Sim Theme Park

Available Platform: Windows - Alias: Theme Park World

Sim Theme Park (also known as Theme Park World) is the sequel to Theme Park and the second game in the series.

Sim Theme Park

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PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperBullfrog Productions
OS supportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7
Updated22 March 2020

Game Review

Sim Theme Park (also known as Theme Park World) is the sequel to Theme Park and the second game in the series. It is a theme park management game where players build their own theme park with roller coasters, rides and food stalls.

The game is an old Windows95 game that does not work immediately on modern Windows systems. To make it work, you will need to download the Full game, the v2.0 patch and finally the compatibility patch. Install the game first, using the ISO CD, then run the 2.0 Patch. Finally launch the Windows 10 compatibility patch.

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Download Sim Theme Park - Windows Version windows

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Windows 8-10 Compatibility Patch - Language: English - Size: 215.01 Mb

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PC CD-ROM Image - Language: English - Size: 450.08 Mb

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Patch v2.0 v2.0 - Language: English - Size: 5.59 Mb

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Latest Comments

  • Maurizio Petta - 2023-02-28 - Reply

    No.....Guys, it doesn't work for me. I downloaded and burned the .iso version. During the installation phase, it doesn't give me any problems, which instead arise when I want to start the game! Even after putting the patch in, the game keeps asking me for the original cd. I tried to download some no-cd cracks on the net, but without appreciable results. In fact, when I insert the crack file, the game just doesn't start. Tried on Win 7 32bit and on XP 2 with the same result ...when I run the program, it just does absolutely nothing. Disappointing, I would say.

    I did other tests on 2 other computers. This time I used win 7 64 bit, and a pc with xp 3. Unfortunately I had no luck. In the first case, with a Win 7 64 bit computer, the game doesn't even install! The installation instead on the PC with xp 3, was successful but then, when I tried to start the game, I was asked for the correct CD. As for the Patch, its functioning is not very clear to me. In fact, I can't tell if it should install anything, or even where it should install, since you only have to double-click on the icon. exe, and it would do everything automatically. However, the game doesn't even seem to notice, as it keeps asking for the correct cd!. Here, I would like to give my humble advice..... Friends of Gamenostalgia... the .ISO files... well! Forget them...If the original disc contains any form of security against copy attempts, the ISO file could never replicate it, so you would be doing a completely useless job. Believe me, between the 90s and the beginning of 2000, there was a flourishing of copy-protection computer systems...Securom...Spyro...Safedisk.......In short, there was something for all tastes. So I guess doing a simple "image.iso" copy of a game wouldn't fix anything. In many cases some protections were of the "physical" type and not in the form of software. That is, they were imprinted with a stencil, a bit like paper money. I myself once saw a kind of translucent tag on an original game, which the computer's DVD reader had to read, in order to then allow the software to run normally. Theme Park World probably belongs to that type of protected software that was so popular in those years.

  • Shiben Chakravorty - 2017-08-09 - Reply

    This game was my childhood <3

  • Sam7322 - 2017-04-27 - Reply

    Thank you! The nostalgia is real right now. The steps that windows 10 user posted worked perfect! The game works so far! I am using windows 10 as well.

  • Windows 10 user - 2017-04-23 - Reply

    Thank you. This worked for me.
    As a Windows 10 user:
    1. Download and install the base game.
    2. Upgrade to 2.0 by running the patch application
    3. Move all files in the Windows 10 patch archive to the install directory of the game, replace all files.
    4. Run the .reg file, reboot, and play.
    Thanks again