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Super Hang-On

Available Platforms: Amiga, Genesis

Super Hang-On is a motorcycle racing coin-op created by SEGA and released in 1987.


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OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated18 February 2021

Game Review

Super Hang-On is a motorcycle racing coin-op created by SEGA and released in 1987. It was ported to many platforms in the following years, including Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari ST, and ZX Spectrum.

It was the sequel of Hang-On, another coin-op released two years before. Both games were designed by the legendary game creator Yu Suzuki, also known for OutRun, After Burner, and many other successes.

The Amiga version of Super Hang-On, released in 1988, was developed by Software Studios, and it was one of the most appreciated (and one of the most faithful ports).

One year later, in 1989, the Genesis/Mega Drive version was released, and it was even better. This one is not only very faithful to the original arcade, but it also introduces a tournament mode.

One of the best racing games ever, and now you can finally play it again!

Review by: Manu
Published: 24 January 2020 11:11 pm

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Download Super Hang-On - Genesis Version

Download for Mac

Genesis version 0.9 - Language: English - Size: 4.37 Mb

Download for PC

Genesis version 1.0 - Language: English - Size: 4.84 Mb

Download Super Hang-On - Amiga Version

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Amiga version 1.6 - Language: English - Size: 8.12 Mb

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Amiga version 1.6 - Language: English - Size: 7.03 Mb

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Latest Comments

  • Manu - 2020-01-30 - Reply

    It's simple. All buttons must be pressed twice. For example, a possible configuration with the keyboard, select Alt+Shift+1, then:
    Up (1): Cursor Up
    Up (2): Cursor Up
    Down (1): Cursor Down
    Down (2): Cursor Down
    Left (1): Left
    Left (2): Left
    Right (1): Right
    Right (2): Right
    Start (1): Enter
    Start (2): Enter
    A (1): A
    A (2): A
    Rapid A (1): this is normally useless, you can use any key, for example TAB
    Rapid A (2): TAB
    B (1): S
    B (2): S
    Rapid B (1): TAB
    and so on..
    On a controller you can choose the buttons you prefer (I prefer to use Xbox button X for "B", and Xbox Y for the "C"). Have fun!

  • Kim Ursin - 2020-01-30 - Reply

    I need a course in how to configure the joypad. It says up (1), I press up then it says up (2) then 3 and sometimes even 4 or 5. My Genesis controller have one 3 buttons here seems like it have a gazillion :-/
    (I use a XBox controller)