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Super Star Trek 1978 meets 25th Anniversary

Available Platforms: Mac OSX, Windows

Super Star Trek 1978 meets 25th Anniversary is a fangame/remake of the famous text-only strategy game Super Star Trek.


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DeveloperEB Design
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10
Updated2 February 2023

Game Review

Super Star Trek 1978 meets 25th Anniversary is a fangame/remake of the famous text-only strategy game Super Star Trek. Unlike many other remakes of this strategy game, this one features fantastic graphics taken from the popular adventure Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.

Super Star Trek is an early example of a turn-based sci-fi strategy wargame, entirely played by issuing text commands. The game became famous when the code was published in the 1978 book BASIC COMPUTER GAMES. Many versions exist, but in this case, the inspiration was the original 1978 code. You control the starship Enterprise and have to destroy the invading Klingon fleet before it's too late. You will have to manage the energy carefully and split it between phasers, engines, and shields; remember to use the limited torpedoes properly (you only have 10); when the ship is too damaged, or the energy is almost depleted, you must find a starbase in one of the sectors of the quadrant.

The mechanics are the same, but you perform actions with a graphical user interface instead of text commands. For example, you select the torpedo course with the cursor keys and select the sector to jump with a map. You can select the new coordinates with the cursor keys when moving inside the sector.

But this is not the best part. The real treasure is the addition of the fantastic graphics created for Star Trek 25th Anniversary, a beautiful rendering of the Enterprise bridge in pixel art. In short, you will play the strategy game inside the screen of the Enterprise bridge, with Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, Scott, and Uhura at their positions. If you want to fire torpedoes, you will ask Chekov, while to activate the warp engines, you will ask Sulu to lay in a course. Spock will give you the situation and many other suggestions, while Scott will take care of the ship's damages.

It's not all because you often hear the captain or the crew speaking with their actual voices. Most phrases have been recorded from Star Trek TV episodes.

This fangame is a true gem for Star Trek fans and all retro game addicts. You really can't miss it.

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Review by: GN Team
Published: 25 January 2023 3:12 pm

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