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Games by Year of Release: 2001

Bruce Lee Remake windows

Bruce Lee Remake is a 2001 remake for PC of a martial arts multi-screen platformer initially released for the Commodore 64 in 1984.

Year: 2001 Genre: Brawler

brawler freeware martial arts remake

Land Of Genesis amiga

Land Of Genesis is a platformer shoot'em up created by Maurizio Gemelli and published in 2001 by ClearWater Interactive. It was an exclusive for Amiga AGA and Amiga CD machines. M...

Year: 2001 Genre: Shooter

aga amiga original game platform-shooter science fiction

Horde: The Citadel windows

Horde: The Citadel is the sequel to the fantasy RTS Horde: The Citadel. It was developed by 7th BitLabs and it was published in 2001. We only have the Italian version available..

Year: 2001 Genre: Strategy

fantasy rts strategy

Advance Wars game-boy-advance

Advance Wars is a tactical turn-based strategy game that was first released on September 10, 2001, for the Game Boy Advance. Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, the game was designed by Kentaro Nishimura.

Year: 2001 Genre: Strategy

cartoon strategy tactics tank turn-based strategy versus war

Mario & Luigi dos

Mario & Luigi is a simple but very nice clone of Super Mario Bros developed by Mike Wiering in 1994. Controls are very simple: Ctrl to Run, Alt to Jump, Space to Fire, Left and Right arrows to walk.

Year: 2001 Genre: Platformer

clone freeware platformer super mario clone