Atari 2600 Classic Games and Abandonware


Pitfall!, also known as Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure, is a legendary platformer designed and programmed by David Crane in 1982 for the Atari 2600. In this game you are Pitfall Harry, a hero vaguely...

Year: 1983 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2017-10-02 Tags: arcade platformer atari 2600

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns is the sequel to the award-winning PItfall by David Crane and was developed and published by Activision in 1984 for 9 different platforms including Apple II, Commodore 64, Colecovision...

Year: 1984 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2017-10-09 Tags: arcade atari 5200 atari 2600


Adventure is considered the first action-adventure ever created and it's one of the most important titles of the video game history. Developed by Warren Robinett for Atari, it was released in 1979-1980...

Year: 1980 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2016-09-15 Tags: atari 2600 fantasy puzzle-solving action-adventure