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Civilization II: Test of Time

Available Platform: Windows

Civilization II: Test of Time is an enhanced version of Civilization II, created by MPS Labs and released in 1999 for PC.

Civilization II: Test of Time

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DeveloperMPS Labs
OS supportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7
Updated27 May 2020

Game Review

Civilization II: Test of Time is an enhanced version of Civilization II, created by MPS Labs and released in 1999 for PC.

As we know, the first Sid Meier's Civilization, the turn-based strategy game created by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley, was a huge success. The series saw a sequel in 1996, with Sid Meier's Civilization II (not mentioning the spin-off Sid Meier's Colonization, released in 1994). Civ II, faithful to the formula, but with improved isometric graphics, compared to the top-down 2D view of the first title, was again a hit. However, in 1999, the situation was not so good for MicroProse. After several legal issues, Activision released its own "Civ-style" game called Civilization: Call to Power, while Civilization 3 was not on the radar yet. So MPS decided to create this extended version of the original Civilization II, compatible with the new 32-bit Windows and, most importantly, enriched with several unique scenarios.

With Test of Time, players can enjoy the usual Civilization experience with new fantasy and science-fiction settings. Of course, this means new units, new buildings, new graphics, new backgrounds, and more. If you choose fantasy instead of Romans, Egyptians, Americans, and so on, you can now select between Humans, Goblins, Elves, Merfolk, Undead, and more. There is also a Midgard scenario, a mix between Nordic and Celtic folklore. In addition to the new settings, we also have the classic experience and the "extended classic." This choice will allow you to continue playing after you reach Alpha Centauri, and it's an exciting option.

Civilization II: Test of Time received mixed reviews. Somebody said it was not innovative enough. The truth is it's just a "modded" version of Civilization II. But where's the problem? Civ 2 is a masterpiece, no need to change it, right?

Review by: GN Team
Published: 27 May 2020 7:16 pm

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