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Games by Year of Release: 1982

Spitfire Ace atari-8-bitcommodore-64

Spitfire Ace is a flight combat sim created by legendary game designer Sid Meier. Developed initially on an Atari 800, the game was published by MicroProse in 1982 for the Atari 8-bit and two years later for the Commodore 64.

Year: 1982 Genre: Simulation

atari 8-bit combat flight simulation first-person flight sim simulation vehicular combat simulator ww2

Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai dos

Temple of Apshai, the first game of the Dunjonquest series, is a dungeon crawler RPG developed and published by Automated Simulations (now Epyx) originally in 1979, then ported to DOS and Commodore 64 in 1982.

Year: 1982 Genre: Role Playing

fantasy medieval rpg text-only turn-based rpg

Starcross dos

Starcross is an interactive fiction/text adventure published by Infocom in 1982. The story was written by Dave Lebling, one of the authors of Zork: The Great Underground Empire. ...

Year: 1982 Genre: Adventure

adventure aliens interactive fiction mystery science fiction spaceship text adventure

Zork III: The Dungeon Master atari-8-bitdos

Zork III: The Dungeon Master is the third and final chapter of the Zork classic trilogy, and one of the most famous text adventures ever created. Published by Infocom, it was relea...

Year: 1982 Genre: Adventure

adventure fantasy text adventure

Frogger atari-8-bitatari-5200

Frogger is an arcade created by Konami and one of the most popular video games ever created. It was released for the first time in 1981, and it has been ported to almost all platforms since then.

Year: 1982 Genre: Arcade

arcade coin-op conversion top-down

Zork: The Great Underground Empire dos

Zork is one of the earliest interactive fiction computer games, developed initially in 1977–1979 for a DEC mainframe by Tim Anderson, Marc Blank, Bruce Daniels, and Dave Lebling.

Year: 1982 Genre: Adventure

adventure fantasy freeware interactive fiction text adventure text parser text-only