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Super Baseball 2020 genesis

Super Baseball 2020 is a futuristic baseball game released initially on Arcade and Neo Geo platforms in 1991. It was then ported to Genesis/Mega Drive and SNES in 1993. The game was released in Japan by SNK Corporation.

Year: 1993 Genre: Sports

baseball coin-op conversion futuristic sports science fiction sports

Skunny Kart dos

Skunny Kart is a nice racing game clearly inspired by Super Mario Kart. It was developed by Copysoft and released in 1993 for MS-DOS. The hero of the game is Skunny, a squirrel, t...

Year: 1993 Genre: Racing

2 players cartoon clone racing split-screen track racing

Wonder Dog amiga

Wonder Dog is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Core Design and published by JVC Musical Industries in 1992 for Sega CD. It was ported to the Amiga in 1993. On a distant ...

Year: 1993 Genre: Platformer

basher platformer side-scrolling

God of Thunder dos

God of Thunder is a rare Zelda-style arcade/strategy game by Adept Software developed in 1993 for DOS and released as freeware.

Year: 1993 Genre: Action

action-adventure fantasy freeware

NHL Hockey 94 genesis

NHL Hockey '94 is an ice hockey game developed and published by EA Sports in 1993 for the Genesis, DOS, Super NES, and Sega CD. EA Sports, a spin-off from Electronic Arts that requ...

Year: 1993 Genre: Sports

2 players competitive hockey licensed sports top-down winter sports

Blastar amiga

Blastar is a space shoot-em-up developed by Core Design exclusively for the Amiga and released in 1993. The game features impressive graphics, with more than 3MB of images and animated backgrounds.

Year: 1993 Genre: Shooter

amiga original game multi-directional science fiction shooter top-down

Super Obliteration amiga

Super Obliteration is a public domain game created by David Papworth for the Amiga and released in 1993. It's commonly described as a Pang clone or a mix between Pang and Asteroids.

Year: 1993 Genre: Arcade

amiga original game arcade clone public domain science fiction

Bob's Garden amiga

Bob's Garden is an Amiga public domain clone of the 1982 arcade Mr. Do!. The game was created in 1993 by Justin Leck, previously the author of Digger, a clone of Dig Dug (kind of predecessor of Mr.

Year: 1993 Genre: Arcade

2d amiga original game arcade clone fantasy flip-screen maze public domain

Front Page Sports: Football Pro dos

Front Page Sports: Football Pro is a sports simulation game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line. It was released in 1993 for MS-DOS. It's the sequel to Front Page ...

Year: 1993 Genre: Sports

american football isometric sport management sports

Transarctica amiga

Transarctica (Arctic Baron in the US) is a strategy/action game created by Silmarils in 1993 for the Amiga. It was later ported to the PC, Atari ST, and Macintosh. The story is bas...

Year: 1993 Genre: Strategy

aga post-apocalyptic real-time science fiction strategy trading train transport

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure dos

Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure is a fantasy Platformer developed by Animation F/X and published by Manaccom in 1993 for DOS.

Year: 1993 Genre: Platformer

amiga original game fantasy platformer

Burntime amiga

Burntime is a strategy-RPG game developed and published by Max Design for MS-DOS and Amiga in 1993 for Europe and 1994 in North America. Max Design was founded in Austria by the brothers Albert and Martin Lasser and Wilfried Reiter.

Year: 1993 Genre: Strategy

adventure-strategy aga post-apocalyptic rpg elements strategy wasteland

Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond amiga

Space Crusade: The Voyage Beyond was both a data disk and an extended standalone version of Space Crusade, released in 1993 by Gremlin Graphics. The Voyage Beyond is an excellent addition to the classic 1993 game Space Crusade.

Year: 1993 Genre: Strategy

board game hotseat mission multiplayer science fiction squad management strategy turn-based strategy

One Step Beyond amiga

One Step Beyond is the sequel to Pushover, a puzzle-platformer created by Red Rat Software and published by Ocean. It was released in 1993, one year after the first game. The main ...

Year: 1993 Genre: Puzzler

advergames cartoon puzzle strategy puzzler