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Doom 2 TNT: Evilution

Available Platform: DOS

TNT: Evilution adds 32 new levels to Doom 2. The mod was created by TeamTNT and was supposed to be released as freeware.

Doom 2 TNT: Evilution

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Publisherid Software
Developerid Software
OS supportedWin7 64 bit, Win8 64bit, Windows 10, MacOS 10.6+
Updated19 April 2024

Game Review

TNT: Evilution adds 32 new levels to Doom 2. The mod was created by TeamTNT and was supposed to be released as freeware. Instead, it was included in FinalDOOM, released in 1996.

Users Reviews

I remember playing this, along Plutonia, in the early 2000s on LAN with a friend(multiple times) and some years before on the Playstation.
While at first I was stoked about having new mapsets to wad-e through, the disappointment set in pretty early. What first struck me was the awful custom textures / skies closely followed by the tasteless architecture. In its defense it is not as tedious (and later on annoying) as Plutonia regarding the gameplay.
To keep this short & positive I'll name the maps that I enjoyed to an extent...

Despite the cheesy starting section a neat map that looks interesting and is enjoyable to fight through.

A gem among the duds.
Playing this one on the PSX was super creepy and after getting that the map "features" some sort of "dimensional vortex" I was in love. Also looks in some parts pretty sleek on the PC.
I'll never forget this one - creative & lovely.

Very nice "cave dwelling" map with a fitting soundtrack.

Stylistically this one is very memorable. While I would have liked some parts to be less detailed it is one of the few levels that captures a more realistic scenario without breaking the established Doom style.Transports the vibe of a twilight location well.

Albeit I do not like the map the mountain section with the flying skulls is a real looker - beautifully done for the time!

Pretty good for an ending map and just about the right length. Good implementation of an established theme.

There's also many architectural hints borrowed from the original, which seems odd for an official product as id had the "unique style" paradigm when it came to map entries( e.g. Master LevelsMap01 being debatable though ).
Reading a bit on the net reveals that the mapset was a normal homebrew which got bought by id. This clears up a lot and I have to say that for the most part id is to blame for this sleazy effort. Money talks and milking the cow wasn't a foreign concept for the "id crew" despite their pillows (rightfully) filled to the brim with dollars.

If you're a fan of Doom and haven't played this one yet then, by all means, jump in and try it. It may be better to play the PSX version as due to its limited texture usage it gives the whole mapset a more streamlined & cohesive look.

Review by: Bruce Tungsten
Published: 18 December 2023 12:21 pm

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