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Games by Year of Release: 1987

Roadwar Europa amiga

Roadwar Europa is a futuristic turn-based strategy game designed by Jeff Johnson and developed for the Apple II and Commodore 64. It was released initially in 1986 and published by Strategic Simulations Inc.

Year: 1987 Genre: Strategy

apple 2 original game post-apocalyptic science fiction strategy turn-based strategy wargame

Vaders amiga

Vaders (also know as Vader) is a vertical scrolling shooter developed by Softgang for the Amiga and released in 1987 by Anco. Sadly, it is known as one of the worst games ever created for this platform.

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

amiga original game shooter space v-scrolling shoot-em up vertical-scrolling

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon amiga

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon is an action-adventure published by Cinemaware initially in 1987 for the Amiga. The game was entirely created by Bill Williams, also known for the excellent Mind Walker, released one year before.

Year: 1987 Genre: Action

action-adventure amiga original game arabian fairy tale middle east mini-games mythology naval pirates reverse engineered unofficial port

Ford Simulator dos

Ford Simulator is a driving simulator meant to advertise Ford vehicles and was developed by Beck-Tech and the SoftAd Group. It was published by Ford Motor Company in 1987 for DOS. ...

Year: 1987 Genre: Racing

advergames automobile driving racing vehicle simulator

Insanity Fight amiga

Insanity Fight is a top-down vertical shooter created by Linel and published by MicroDeal in 1987 for the Amiga and Atari ST. The game stands as a peculiar anomaly in the world of retro gaming.

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

aliens amiga original game parallax scrolling science fiction shooter top-down v-scrolling shoot-em up

Gnome Ranger amiga

Gnome Ranger is a text adventure with graphics created by Level 9 Computing and released in 1987 on several 8-bit and 16-bit platforms. Releases include Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Macintosh, and others.

Year: 1987 Genre: Adventure

adventure fantasy first-person interactive fiction text adventure with pictures wizards and witches

Into the Eagle's Nest amiga

Into the Eagle's Nest is a Gauntlet clone with a WWII theme developed by Pandora Software and published by Mindscape in 1986. It was released for the Apple II and in 1987 for the...

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

apple 2 original game clone shooter walkabout war ww2

Starglider amiga

Starglider is a 3D space shooter created by the young programmer Jez San and published by Rainbird in 1986. It was released for the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, and other computers.

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

3d atari st first-person shooter space space flight space sim wireframe

Vietnam 3275 commodore-64

Vietnam 3275 is a sci-fi shoot 'em-up developed by Stavros Fasoulas for the Commodore 64. It's a modified version of another game released in 1987 called Delta MK II (or Delta Patrol).

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

commodore 64 science fiction shooter

Aliens: Alien 2 msx

Aliens: Alien 2 is a platform shooter created by Squaresoft and released exclusively in Japan for MSX computers. As you can imagine from the title, it's the official videogame base...

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

aliens horror licensed movies msx platform-shooter run and gun shooter

Thexder dosamiga

Thexder is a platform shooter videogame developed by Game Arts and released for DOS, Amiga, Apple II, MSX and several other platforms in 1987. You control a robot that can transform into a jet.

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

anime battlemech mecha platform-shooter run and gun science fiction shooter

Might and Magic dos

Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum is the first chapter of the popular RPG franchise created by New World Computing. The original game, developed for the App...

Year: 1987 Genre: Role Playing

apple 2 original game fantasy party-based rpg sword and sorcery turn-based rpg

Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor dosamiga

Beyond Zork: The Coconut of Quendor is a text-based adventure game developed and published by Infocom in 1987. It was released for MS-DOS, Amiga, Apple II, Apple IIGS, Atari ST, Commodore 128, and Macintosh.

Year: 1987 Genre: Adventure

adventure fantasy interactive fiction rpg elements text adventure text parser text-only

Skate or Die commodore-64

Skate or Die is a skateboarding game created by Electronic Arts and released for the Commodore 64 in 1987. It was then ported to ZX Spectrum, Apple II, MS-DOS, NES, and other platforms in the following years.

Year: 1987 Genre: Sports

commodore 64 skateboarding sports