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King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!, the fifth chapter of the famous fantasy adventure series created by Roberta Williams, was released in 1990 for MS-DOS, Amiga, Macintosh and other platforms....

Year: 1990 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2016-11-11 Tags: fantasy puzzle-solving

Ultima VII: Part Two - Serpent Isle

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle is a role-playing game created by ORIGIN, released in 1993 for MS-DOS. It is part of the Ultima series, and it's the sequel to Ultima VII Part One: The Black Gate. Despite...

Year: 1993 Genre: Role Playing Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: fantasy real-time

The Secret of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island is an adventure game that utilizes the command verb-based SCUMM interface first introduced in Maniac Mansion: the player constructs commands for Guybrush by selecting an appropriate...

Year: 1989 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2017-07-18 Tags: graphic adventure puzzle-solving 2d scrolling comedy scumm

Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels is an arcade kart racing game released by Apogee Software in 1994 and released for MS-DOS only, where you can play any of eight wacky animals. The game is strongly ispired to Super Mario...

Year: 1994 Genre: Racing Updated: 2017-01-22 Tags: arcade

Defender of the Crown II

Defender of the Crown II is the sequel to the original Defender of the Crown, it was developed by Sachs Enterprises and published by Commodore Electronics in 1993 for the Amiga CD32. The game was originally...

Year: 1993 Genre: Strategy Updated: 2017-04-28 Tags: fantasy amiga war historical

Fatal Racing

Whiplash (aka Fatal Racing) is a 3D stunt racing game developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay Entertainment in 1995 for DOS. Like most racing games, the point is to reach that finish...

Year: 1995 Genre: Racing Updated: 2017-12-04 Tags: 1st-person stunts automobile track racing combat racing

Deliverance: Stormlord II

Deliverance: Stormlord II is the sequel to Stormlord and was developed and published by Hewson Consultants in 1990 originally for ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amstrad CPC. It was later remade on the...

Year: 1992 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2017-06-01 Tags: fantasy puzzle-solving basher gods barbarian

Curse of Enchantia

Curse of Enchantia is a fantasy point-and-click graphic adventure created by Core Design and published for Amiga and MS-DOS in 1992. It was the first adventure game developed by Core Design, that was...

Year: 1992 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2016-08-15 Tags: fantasy puzzle-solving point-and-click


Lionheart is a side scrolling hack'n'slash action platformer created by Thalion Software for the Amiga only. It was published in 1993 and received many positive reviews. The game features parallax scrolling...

Year: 1993 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2016-06-04 Tags: fantasy amiga side-scrolling hack and slash


Agony is a surreal-fantasy side-scrolling shoot 'em up, created by Psygnosis in 1992 for the Amiga. The game has never been released on other platforms. The main character is an owl (the company logo)...

Year: 1992 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2015-11-08 Tags: shooter parallax scrolling amiga fantasy

The Clue!

The Clue! is a role-playing adventure game with tactical/strategy elements, developed by neo Software Produktions and published in 1994 for Amiga and MS-DOS.

Year: 1994 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2015-04-08 Tags: simulation


Hogbear is a humorous horror text/graphics adventure developed in 1989 which makes use of ASCII art for the visuals. It was published as shareware by PC-SIG.

Year: 1989 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2015-05-24 Tags: fantasy real-time survival horror ascii art

McMurphy's Mansion

McMurphy's Mansion is a classic text based adventure developed in 1984 by Martin-Art and released as shareware.

Year: 1984 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2015-06-08 Tags: interactive fiction puzzle-solving

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