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Star Wars amiga

Star Wars is a famous coin-op created by Atari in 1983, during the "golden age" of the arcades. The title is a first-person space sim that uses 3D vector graphics, simulating the attack on the Death Star from the 1977 Star Wars movie.

Year: 1989 Genre: Shooter

arcade coin-op conversion movies rail shooter science fiction shooter star wars wireframe

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back amiga

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the sequel to the famous arcade developed by Atari in 1983. The cabinet of The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1985 as an upgrade to the first one.

Year: 1988 Genre: Shooter

aliens arcade coin-op conversion rail shooter science fiction shooter star wars wireframe

Mercenary commodore-64amiga

Mercenary: Escape from Targ is a sci-fi action-adventure game designed by Paul Woakes. It was released by Woakes' company, Novagen Software, initially for Atari 8-bit in 1986. It w...

Year: 1985 Genre: Action

action-adventure first-person science fiction virtual world wireframe

Starglider amiga

Starglider is a 3D space shooter created by the young programmer Jez San and published by Rainbird in 1986. It was released for the Commodore 64, Atari ST, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, and other computers.

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter

3d atari st first-person shooter space space flight space sim wireframe