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Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle, also known as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, is graphic adventure developed and published by LucasArts in 1993 for PC MS-DOS and Mac. Thanks to its story, humor, voice acting...

Year: 1993 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2016-11-15 Tags: puzzle-solving humour 2d scrolling comedy point-and-click

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness is the fourth game of the popular series of adventure/role-playing games designed by Corey and Lori Ann Cole for Sierra. and released for PC. The series is appreciated...

Year: 1993 Genre: Role Playing Updated: 2017-04-17 Tags: fantasy puzzle-solving

Curse of Enchantia

Curse of Enchantia is a fantasy point-and-click graphic adventure created by Core Design and published for Amiga and MS-DOS in 1992. It was the first adventure game developed by Core Design, that was...

Year: 1992 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2016-08-15 Tags: fantasy puzzle-solving point-and-click

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