Games by Developer: Dynamix

The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine is a puzzle game where the player has to assemble a Rube Goldberg-type contraption to solve a simple puzzle. It was developed by Jeff Tunnell Productions and published in 1993 for...

Year: 1993 Genre: Puzzler Updated: 2016-11-16 Tags: puzzle-solving

3-D Ultra Pinball

3-D Ultra Pinball is a science fiction based pinball game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line in 1995 for Windows and Mac. This game takes the general idea of pinball and adds crazy elements...

Year: 1995 Genre: Arcade Updated: 2016-12-07 Tags: arcade pinball sci-fi/futuristic

Aces Over Europe

Aces Over Europe is an action flight simulator and sequel to Aces of the Pacific, developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line in 1993 for DOS. This game improves upon its predecessor in the graphics...

Year: 1993 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: flight historical battle

Rise of the Dragon

Rise of the Dragon is a cyberpunk first-person graphic adventure developed by Dynamix and released by Sierra in 1990 for PC and Mac, later ported to Amiga and Sega CD. The game, heavily influenced by...

Year: 1990 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2017-06-03 Tags: cyberpunk/dark sci-fi detective/mystery

A-10 Tank Killer

A-10 Tank Killer is a flight simulator developed and published by Dynamix and released for DOS in 1989. An enhanced version that improved the sounds and graphics was released for the Amiga in 1991. This...

Year: 1991 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2015-04-24 Tags: flight tanks


MechWarrior is the first 3D BattleTech game and it allows the player to pilot a giant mechanical warrior.

Year: 1989 Genre: Action Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: battlemech

Sierra Soccer: World Challenge Edition

Sierra Soccer is a soccer sports game developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line UK in 1994 for the Amiga. The game uses a top-down camera view with a wide view of the field of play. Sierra...

Year: 1994 Genre: Sports Updated: 2017-06-03 Tags: soccer football top-down

Aces of the Pacific

Aces of the Pacific is a World War II combat flight simulator developed by Dynamix and released by Sierra for PC MS-DOS in 1992. The game features a lot of US and Japanese aircrafts. You can fly is single...

Year: 1992 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2016-05-16 Tags: flight historical battle world war ii combat

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Space Quest V: Roger Wilco - The Next Mutation is a humorous graphic adventure released in 1993 for PC . Unlike the other chapters of the Space Quest series, Space Quest V was not developed by Sierra,...

Year: 1993 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2015-04-17 Tags: puzzle-solving sci-fi/futuristic

The Adventures of Willy Beamish

The Adventures of Willy Beamish is a graphic adventure game developed by Dynamix and published in 1991.

Year: 1991 Genre: Adventure Updated: 2015-04-09 Tags: puzzle-solving