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Star Control II dos

Star Control II is the sci-fi strategy game sequel to the original Star Control. It was developed by Toys for Bob and published by Accolade in 1992. Initially released for MS-DOS, it was ported to 3DO in 1994.

Year: 1992 Genre: Strategy

4x mini-games real-time science fiction space exploration space flight strategy

Lost Patrol amiga

Lost Patrol is an action strategy game developed by Shadow Development, set during the Vietnam War. It was published by Ocean Software in 1990 for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was released for DOS the following year.

Year: 1990 Genre: Strategy

action strategy amiga original game historical battle history military mini-games strategy vietnam war

California Games amiga

California Games is a sports game developed by Epyx and Westwood and published by Epyx in North America and by U.S. Gold in Europe. The game was released in 1987 for Apple II and C...

Year: 1988 Genre: Sports

c64 original game commodore 64 hotseat mini-games mixed sports multiplayer north america skateboarding sports

Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold amiga

Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold is a game based on the Disney animated series Duck Tales. Developed by Incredible Technologies, it was released in 1990 for Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, and MS-DOS.

Year: 1990 Genre: Action

action strategy action-adventure cartoon disney licensed mini-games multi-type tv series

Kid Chaos amiga

Kid Chaos is a side-scrolling platformer created exclusively for the Amiga by Magnetic Fields and published by Ocean Software in 1994. The game was designed by Andrew Morris and was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Year: 1994 Genre: Platformer

amiga cd32 amiga original game basher cartoon mini-games multi-directional parallax scrolling platformer

Iron Lord amiga

Iron Lord is a strategy-action-adventure game created by Ubi Soft, initially for the Atari ST. Later it was ported to Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Amiga, Acorn 32-bit, and other platforms.

Year: 1989 Genre: Strategy

action strategy atari st medieval mini-games strategy top-down

Geisha amiga

Geisha is a graphic adventure for adults, created by Tomahawk and published by Coktel Vision in 1990 for the Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS. Set in futuristic Japan, the game designed...

Year: 1990 Genre: Adventure

adult adventure crime & punishment detective japan mini-games point and click science fiction

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun amiga

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun is a circus mini-game collection created by Christopher Gray for Mindscape. It was originally published in 1989 for Atari ST, Amiga, and MS-DOS and...

Year: 1989 Genre: Sports

comedy hotseat mini-games multi-type multiplayer sports stunts

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon amiga

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon is an action-adventure published by Cinemaware initially in 1987 for the Amiga. The game was entirely created by Bill Williams, also known for the excellent Mind Walker, released one year before.

Year: 1987 Genre: Action

action-adventure amiga original game arabian fairy tale middle east mini-games mythology naval pirates reverse engineered unofficial port