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Historyline: 1914-1918

Historyline: 1914-1918, also know as The Great War: 1914 - 1918, is a turn-based strategy game developed by Blue Byte Studio and released for DOS and Amiga in 1992. The game uses an engine very similar...

Year: 1992 Genre: Strategy Updated: 2016-11-01 Tags: historical world war i turn-based hexagonal map

Myth: History in the Making

Myth: History in the Making (or simply Myth) is a 2D fantasy action platformer created by the British company System 3, initially for Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, in 1989. The game was a success, winning...

Year: 1992 Genre: Platformer Updated: 2016-07-30 Tags: amiga commodore 64 platformer side-scrolling fantasy mythology

Making History: The Calm and the Storm

Making History delivers the open-ended gameplay of strategy-game classics, but with compelling new economic, military, and diplomatic systems and deep research that lets you play with real historical...

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