World War Ii Classic Games and Abandonware

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter (DOS)

Silent Hunter is submarine simulation developed by Aeon Electronic and published by Strategic Simulations in 1996 for PC MS-DOS only. This World War II submarine combat sim was created mostly by William...

Year: 1996 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2017-06-25Tags: historical world war ii submarine naval

Aces of the Pacific

Aces of the Pacific (DOS)

Aces of the Pacific is a World War II combat flight simulator developed by Dynamix and released by Sierra for PC MS-DOS in 1992. The game features a lot of US and Japanese aircrafts. You can fly is single...

Year: 1992 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2016-05-16Tags: flight historical battle world war ii combat

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (DOS)

Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is the sequel to Castle Wolfenstein, the action-adventure known as the first stealth game, created by Muse Software. Initially released for the Commodore 64 and Apple II in 1984...

Year: 1985 Genre: Action Updated: 2017-12-09Tags: shooter stealth world war ii freeware

Into the Eagle's Nest

Into the Eagle's Nest (Amiga)

Into the Eagle's Nest is a Gauntlet clone with a WWII theme developed by Pandora Software and released by Mindscape in 1986 for the Apple II and in 1987 for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore...

Year: 1987 Genre: Shooter Updated: 2015-11-03Tags: shooter world war ii gauntlet clone

D-Day: The Beginning of the End

D-Day: The Beginning of the End (Amiga)

To remember the famous historical battle, today we publish D-Day: The Beginning of the End, a turn-based wargame developed by Impressions Games and released for DOS and Amiga in 1994. As you can imagine,...

Year: 1994 Genre: Simulation Updated: 2017-06-06Tags: historical battle managerial turn-based wargame world war ii

Steel Panthers

Steel Panthers (DOS)

Steel Panthers is a turn-based historical wargame developed by Strategic Simulations Inc and published by Mindscape in 1995 for MS-DOS. The game was designed by Gary Grigsby, considered the "founding...

Year: 1995 Genre: Strategy Updated: 2016-12-28Tags: historical battle turn-based wargame hexagonal map world war ii